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Why Cameroon?

The country of Cameroon has ideal conditions for growing spices. The country is climatically divided into three parts. In the north of Cameroon it is extremely hot and dry, the highlands in the middle of the country are among the regions with the highest rainfall in the world and in the very south of the country there is a tropical humid climate. It is this climatic diversity that offers an ideal basis for a variety of spices.

Almost every dish, whether grilled or boiled, contains unique spices. If you get the idea to visit Cameroon, we give you the tip to try the street food. You will see right away that there is no lack of spices in any dish. Anyone who thinks that the above is limited to meat or fish is wrong. Vegetarian and vegan dishes also have their very own spices. With our products we would like to bring the soul of Africa and especially Cameroon into your kitchen so that you can share in this magic.

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History of O’ndiki

This magic is the dream of a young student who wants to continue her grandmother’s cultural and culinary legacy. The intimate relationship between the two gave Gaelle M. the inspiration she needed to found the start-up. The founder came into contact with European culture at a young age. This gave rise to the desire to build a bridge between European and Cameroonian food culture. Two pieces of the puzzle that complement each other perfectly. As a passionate family business, we offer you the traditional spices from the Ndikinimeki region. Hence our name O’ndiki. The “O” means mine and Ndiki is an abbreviation for the region.

Founder Gaelle Mougnekabol

social impact

The O’ndiki company is also committed to social impact. Due to our connection to our home region, we ensure that all of our local suppliers can live off the spices they plant. Furthermore, we are a big advocate of women empowerment. That’s why we make sure that we mainly hire women locally.